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Together around the World.

From Japan to USA

Finally, the moment of leaving Japan has arrived. We packed our things, grabbed our tickets and off we went to Tokyo airport. Satoru, our friend from Japan, led us to the final boarding gate. Emotional and with tears in our eyes we say goodbye to a friend, or better said a brother, who took care of us and made our trip to Japan a wonderful experience. As we sat in our seats, looking on the window, we saw a typhoon.…

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  Here we are! We did it! Going over all the stress and sometimes the rough road we faced, but with your support and trust, we made it until here. Thanks to the help from Marius we solved quickly with the papers and the signatures which we needed for our 20th marriage and for the certificate, and after that we could visit Tokyo. After a brief visit at the most important sites in Tokyo, we left the big city behind.…

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From Mongolia to Japan

What was hard passed away. Thanks to the help of the Romanian consul in Moscow we could contact the Russian Embassy in Mongolia. After that, thanks to Marius from the Romanian Embassy in Tokyo we went to the Japanese Embassy in Ulaanbaatar to obtain some information about Japan and how is it like to ride there. If at some point we knew fear, despair and loneliness, if the motorcycle broke in the middle of nowhere and obtaining a visa is…

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Mongolia – un pustiu ucigator

Mongolia : – disperarea si teama te insotesc permanent , – iti dai seama ca exista Dumnezeu, -constientizezi ca viata inseamna apa, mancare si siguranta, Dar in final, cand vei ajunge la capatul drumului vei stii cu siguranta ca acum esti alt om. Vei avea alte valori si alte idealuri. Sunt atat de multe de spus si de povestit ……… Soare senin iar noi montam bagajele pe motor. Un tip ne spune sa ne grabim caci desi e 6 dimineata e…

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Russia – a beautiful land

Russia – a beautiful land. We wake up on a Friday morning, quite early I would say, after a night of being more awaken than asleep. We had a nice time in Europe and hoping for Russia to be the same. Although everybody fears this country, we feel rather more enthusiastic and anxious to get there, to this new world to us, bigger than Europe. We packed and here we go! We make a quick exit out of Helsinki, leaving…

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