What good is dreaming at, if you do not actually do it?






Hi again.

Okay, we decided and we are prepared.

For what?

Well … we are ready to go into the adventure of our lives.

We want to conquer world.

Too many criticisms of us, as romanians people , Romania’s image or our lifestyle.


We want to show that it can, Romanians are people brave adventurers that are other than we look outside the country.

And here we need your help.

Let’s join us and support us in trip by as many sites share the adventure.

The route will be our story, filmed and posted here, in Romanian and English, hoping that will be read by as many people. We want everyone to know our story from the beginning to the last detail.

Narrate preparations and steps taken, the good and the difficulties that we faced and finally, and most importantly, the two Romanians, husband and wife had the courage to show the world that Romanians and Romania it is unique that I wore and three colors proudly hoisted around the world.


100 years ago, another novel wrote a page in history and the Guinness World Records, Dan Dumitru. The first man, the first novel that toured the world. 100,000 km around the world, making known our history and traditions.

The same thing we want to do ourselves.

We must cross 87 countries, 5 continents and traveled 90,000 km minimum.

We want every country, from the northernmost to the southernmost point in the eastern or western extremes of every continent to our tricolor, proud of being Romanian.Also, every vestige history, major city or the capital which we will “conquer” our banner will be hoisted and left to shine in sunlight and wind.I started work with official representatives of each country crossed that when we get there we handed a diploma to certify our passing by, an official document of the trip.

I hope the whole story and adventure to keep you close to us, we follow step by step and live with us 100% Romanian adventure.


For those who want to do more than watch us during the tour, those who want to be actively involved and help us effectively in fulfilling the purpose of the trip, we have an ideal solution for both parties.

Basically you can join us by customizing flags that we fly.Your name or something important and representative will be printed on a banner the same size as the national flag will fly you to the same place, in one of the areas that we go through, you choose the person.

Being 90,000 kilometers which you can choose even more areas of the same country.We can say that is really a tribute to the first globetrotter, Dan Dumitru, who in 1916 ended a journey of 100,000 km.And since the departure date will be 100 years since then said to put EUR 100 contribution for a flag.

What this means ?

The distance between two locations where they will be displayed flags will be entirely dedicated to those who contributed in this regard will be an item customized and entirely dedicated voters who chose the country and the area where he wanted to be and lived through us like an explorer.

It’s a trip around the world but we can not even cover all countries.

So I did a little selection on transit countries obviously taking into account the resources and objectives which are to visit.

We will start the trip in May 2016 and the route look like this:

– Europe, that the north of the continent where we have not managed to reach. Based in Romania, crossing Hungary, a beer Prague by Czech, visit the motherland of the motorcycle – Germany and then Belgium, windmills in the Netherlands, Poland, climb towards the north point of the continent, Norway – Sweden – Finland and here we step in Asia.


– ASIA say as to have a smaller number of countries but many more kilometers and lots of adventure. Countries here that will walk flag are Russia from west to east through Kazakhstan to India and Nepal, we try to walk at the base of the Great Wall across northern China to Mongolia, on the Road of Bones and another serving of Russia to Vladivostok where “we walk on water” (most likely on the boat) up in North America, namely Vancouver Canada.

continent 2

– AMERICA … but we start with northern spring. In Canada we get somewhere in September or October 2016 so it will be as difficult in the Northern Hemisphere near the ice is running on engine, including snowflakes, so we do winter somewhere near the US border so that in March or after enabling us time, we put in motion again. The trail here is simple … zigzag from north to south, Route 66, Grand Canyon and so on until the border with Mexico site.We will cross Mexico’s west coast and continue to Pannama, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Brazil by visiting all we can of course visit the ancient Mayan monuments to those of the modern world.


This trip will be the critical point where we have to see how we manage to get all engine in Australia and in Africa (South Africa) so we can continue our adventure on the way home quietly.

From South to North Africa and then Europe and at home

continent 1 or circled Australia, Africa and then home.


So will show the entire affair.

We will spread like time about a year and a half – two years, during which we will outlive life experience …. we will live a life of explorer.

I think it will be the best time of our lives.

To support are two accounts.One in Euro: RO15.RZBR.0000.0600.1361.5237, and one in Lei: RO58.RZBR.0000.0600.0844.3296 – both named Florin Moraru, or you can use my paypal account : florynk2000@yahoo.fr

Now all you have to do is to choose your country, area and what you want to be there, send me an e-mail to florinworldrider@gmail.com with that data and transfer money in one account. I’ll take care of the rest.Or if you do not want to get involved then supports us morally and follow us throughout the trip.


Even a click or share counts.