To support there are two accounts. One in Euro: RO15.RZBR.0000.0600.1361.5237, and one in Ron: RO58.RZBR.0000.0600.0844.3296 – both under my name Florin Moraru , or you can use my pay-pal account florynk2000@yahoo.fr and your photo and name will be posted here


Tudor and Denisa, they are the first of our sponsors. They just give us money for 3 full gas tank for our expedition. Thanks a lot.  We really appreciate this.



Cristi and Alexa, they help us with a big rucksack for our expedition and some contacts in Europe and Africa where we can sleep over the night. Thanks a lot and we will make them a surprise.


Laurentiu – our friend who supports us and live this journey with us. Besides financial support Laurentiu help us with connections on the Asian side, places where we can sleep safely.


Vali Balan – it’s hard to believe that strangers can make such gestures of goodwill.  Vali is the friend who, until now I didn’t have the opportunity to know. He contact us by mail and provided us  a super photo camera that will be used on the expedition. It was a pleasure when he told me how he pursued in previous expeditions through Europe. His gesture left us speechless, but most important, we doubled confidence in us. In this way he will be closer to us in this expedition, especially because all the photos will be dedicated to him. Many thanks…. although words can not express the feelings.


Catalin and Roberta – family friends  . We met in the context of our first adventure in Europe, when we were preparing to conquer Paris, and since then we have remained inseparable. As well as some big brothers, they were around us when we was in happy moments but also in difficult times. Same this time , they support us and  they support us with some  gasoline fill ups. For two lovers who may be taken as a model of life we ​​think to dedicate them a part of Japan. I do not know why but I think they would fit. Thank you very much for the support you give us. You are special;)




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Support World Ride 2016
To support World Ride 2016 you can use for donations one of these acounts PayPal : florynk2000@yahoo.fr Euro: RO15.RZBR.0000.0600.1361.5237 Ron: RO58.RZBR.0000.0600.0844.3296 both under my name Florin Moraru