Car Paint Scratch Repair In NZ

Fixing scratches on car paint hasn't been a difficult task over the past few days. Small scratches can be easily repaired, but if they are large you really need the help of a professional painter.

The most important part of repairing car paint scratches is repairing the scratches early on. No expensive tools needed to fix this problem. The scratch on the top can easily be removed with acetone or thinner. You can also browse panelstore for more information about car paint in NZ. 

Car Paint Scratch Repair In NZ

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Repairing scratches on car paint can be done easily even if the scratches are long and deep. The first step is to wash the affected area with soapy water and dry it. In general, you can use black shoe polish for red cars or white shoe polish for dark cars to correct scratches.

Sand the damaged area with dry sandpaper until it is parallel. Remove dust with a brush. The next step is to apply the body mix to the scratched area and wait for it to solidify. After the curing process, you can apply the primer and wait for the area to dry completely.

In such a case, the artist repaints the entire panel and this gives your car an original look. Well, scratches are a common thing that will definitely happen at certain moments. No need to worry because repairing scratches on car paint is not difficult.