Do You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney?

No matter the seriousness of your criminal charge, it's a good idea to talk to an attorney who can help you defend yourself. There are many firms that provide free consultations and it's a great idea to set up one or two even if you're not certain whether you should hire a defense attorney in Erie PA.

Consultations can help you know your legal options, defense options, and your conviction options. If the charges you face can be serious, the simple consultation will not suffice for you, so you'll need to engage a criminal defense attorney. 

Be aware that the caliber and competence of the attorney who you select to defend your case in court will be evident in the sentence you receive.

Let's first identify the differences between an attorney for the defense and a public defense attorney. Public defenders are employed by those who are unable to afford a private defense. They have a huge load and have very little time or concentration to devote to your matter, and this generally results in less success. 

It is the American Bar Association states that attorneys should be cautious about accepting more than 100 cases. However, some public defenders are able to take on more than 200. If you're financially resources employing a private lawyer will give you a better chance of winning to win in court. 

Criminal defense attorneys represent individuals under criminal conduct charges. They are also employed by defendants in lawsuits. Defense lawyers know the law and have knowledge of the courts that handle your case, in addition to experiences with similar cases to yours. 

They may also be able to spot pretrial issues with your case and may make official motions in order to assist your case or get the case dismissed.