Does a Wheel Make You Better at Racing Games?

Racing games are slick, fast and fun.Could an actual wheel see me go from last place to a podium finish? It gave us the opportunity to answer the question many of us contemplate every time a new racing game comes out. Is a racing wheel a worthy investment?

Let’s discuss all the awesome features packed into the first-class thrustmaster T300rs GT racing wheel:

  • 28cm fully detachable racing wheel with brushed metal central spokes

  • Brushless, industrial class force feedback servo motor delivers immersive in-game sensations. You’ll feel every bump, tyre slip and terrain change.

thrustmaster t300

  • Versatile clamp system is compatible with pretty much any desk or table

  • Internal memory and upgradeable firmware so your steering wheel is always up-to-date with the latest game titles

  • Metal ball-bearing axle for maximum sturdiness and robustness

  • Includes Thrustmaster T3PA GT Edition racing pedal set

  • Quick release system so you can easily and quickly remove the wheel

These are the key features of racing wheels. Feel every on-road sensation as you race. Thanks to Thrustmasters’ immersive force feedback technology, you’ll feel every bump, crash, brake push and tyre slip as you race.

These ultra-realistic, in-game racing sensations are fed by the industrial-class, brushless servo motor. The servomotor is made up of a mixture of belt-pulleys and gears for a silky-smooth, fluid and quiet steering wheel motion.