GMO Foods Cause Organ Damage and Tumors

A new study found a human time bomb that is said to be able to injure and kill millions of people. According to a study of new French mice, GMO granules manifest into eruptions of new diseases that doctors have never seen. US corn production is 80% GMO and 93% GMO soybeans.

This is the first lifetime feeding program to evaluate the health risks of GMO food, said a published paper. This study shows organ failure and lethal tumors produced from transgenic corn (corn).

Genetically Modified Organism Engineering is the human manipulation of host DNA with foreign or synthetic genes designed to make new types or subspecies. These foods contain many chemicals that can cause life-ending disease. Regular use of these foods can cause organ damage and tumors.

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The motivation for such knowledge is usually beneficial. Plants can be engineered to increase yields and produce insecticides and herbicides in the seeds. The science of being wild is a strange manifestation of deadly consequences for animals and humans.

Glyphosate (Roundup), a poison that grows in grains, continues to endanger animals and humans who have consumed food made from corn.

This study explains why GMO damage has not peaked in humans. Short-term research on display erroneously shows GMO grains safe for humans and animals. Previous short-term studies hid what happened next.

In the study of French mice, the damage was not very clear during the first 90 days (equivalent to about 4 human years). The first large detectable tumor did not occur until the 4th month of the study.