How to Gift – A Guide on Gift Giving

Learning how to gift in 2021-during the pandemic, no less means you really need to know your stuff. Then again, you also need to dodge that awkward moment when you gift someone you don't really know all that well.

Gift giving has its own rules and etiquettes. Of course, the interpretation of these rules changes significantly from person to person and across cultures and borders.  You can also get the strategist gift guide at

Granted, it is human nature to show gratitude while receiving a gift, but how do you make someone really appreciate a gift?

General Gift Giving Guidelines

Research cultures: It is vital that you understand gift-giving protocols in a country or the country the recipient comes from. Gift exchanges are highly valued in some cultures and in other cases, maybe insulting, inappropriate, or unlucky.

Check company policies: Many companies around the world, such as in the United States and Singapore, have policies that restrict people from accepting or giving gifts to avoid bribery.

Find the appropriate time to present the gift: Take into consideration whether the gift should be presented during an official meeting or in a social setting; whether in front of an audience or a secluded environment.

Should You Gift What You Receive?

It is common practice to exchange gifts in the holiday season, even though it isn't really necessary, is it? There are instances where people hand out gifts without really expecting something in return.