How to Hire a DJ for Your Party

The date is set, you've sent out the RSVP and your big day is coming up but what are you going to be doing about entertainment? A board game can only go so long when you are holding a big party which is why hiring a DJ can bring some real excitement to a party or wedding.

However, just like any choice in life, hire a dj for a party can be a bit of trouble because there are good and bad DJs that are listing their services. Additionally, there are multiple little factors you may want at your party to kick it up to the next level, and if you didn't get the right DJ then things won't be as awesome as they were meant to be.

This article will share some of the tips, tricks, and questions you should be asking local DJs prior to hiring them which will guarantee that you get the ones that will bring something great to the party.

Hiring a DJ for your Party

"Their DJ Setup" – One thing you should be asking and looking for when hiring a DJ, is what they bring to the table – literally. The DJ should be ready to bring all of their equipment and possibly speakers depending on the type of party. You shouldn't need to go to a separate business just for tables, generators, and a sound system because professional mobile DJs will generally offer these items in their packages.

"Their MC Ability" – A DJ can certainly play music all night but one of the best benefits you can get from them is their ability to organize and get people together at the party. You want to find a DJ that also doubles as an MC so that they can make announcements and also get people interested in activities going on at the party; otherwise, just get them for the music depending on your party.

"Their Music Selection" – Some of the DJs you find in your area are going to just play Top 40 and call it a day