How To Keep A Car Cool In The Summer?

There's nothing worse than sitting in the heat of Arizona. The temperature record has even reached 127 degrees, so the air conditioner in your car can make driving more enjoyable and comfortable. 

But what happens when you park your car and the sun goes down without stopping with all its might? Your car is exposed to the elements you want and your interior will overheat all the time. Hence, it is a good option to buy tesla model 3 sunshade.

Tesla Model 3 Ultimate Reflector Sun Shade TE-03-R / TE-03-RG

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Let's be honest. Running the air conditioner in extremely hot weather all day long costs gasoline and costs so high that it will eat a big hole in your budget. Although air conditioning is a necessity in humid climates, it can certainly mean life or death in an arid desert. 

Well, car blinds can help your air conditioner in various ways. First, it can easily increase efficiency by regulating the temperature in your car when not moving. That way, you don't have to run the AC for too long to cool it down. Second, expansion improves fuel efficiency because your air conditioner doesn't have to be overworked.

The number one rule when living in hot climates is to park in the shade whenever possible. This is the only way to lower the temperature by 10-15 degrees. If you come across a large tree, you may have to fight other drivers for shade. Especially, during the hot summer months. But what if you live in a city? What if you can't see a lonely tree for miles? Well, the best substitute for shade wood is a car sunscreen.