How To Repair Broken Drain Pipes In Underground Drainage System

People today believe a broken drain pipe is not something to be fussed over. This line of thinking is complicated. If a broken pipe is left to fend for itself, it may cause more harm than expected.

Therefore, an individual ought to act now to fix the problem. You can get the services of repairing a broken pipe via

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There are numerous ways to fix broken drain pipes underground. Some of the best fix methods are discussed below, but first, you will need to be on the lookout for signs of broken pipes.

Signs your pipe is broken underground

There are lots of signs that your drainage pipes may be broken underground. Beware of these signs to stop additional damage later on. Some of these signs are:

The growth of molds on your walls;

Rat infestation;


Foundation fractures;

It's better to leave the fix of underground pipes situations to agencies and professionals unless you have earned certifications and years of public drainage repair instruction.

Before we start fixing the issue, we investigate and find the origin of the issue first and start from there. We do this through CCTV drain inspections.

CCTV drain inspection is a technology in which a small camera goes underground and provides a live feed of videos and images around our engineers.

Professional drainage bureaus typically employ the following standard of pipe repairs:

Find the damaged pipe:

Use these signals to spot a broken pipe:

Once seen, dig until you find the broken pipe. Be gentle on your digging as you may damage the pipe further. Dig another six inches beneath the broken pipe. These six inches will provide you space for your fixed functions.