Improving Auto Dealer Profits Through The Detailing Department

The auto parts department (or team) is often considered the adopted child of the dealership and is often reoriented to handling prep and "set-up" services for new cars, used cars, and cars and trucks picked up for trade or auction. In today's weak economy and after one of the most difficult years in the industry, auto dealers are carefully examining opportunities for higher and better profits. You can get more profit on cars with the help of auto dealers software app online.

Increase profits in representation

Widely regarded as a "necessary evil", the auto parts department is now seen as a new source of margin and profit.

In addition to other service offerings in the service department, R&I and ancillary departments, the detail department is increasingly becoming a source of profit for dealers. The detail department can now perform a variety of value-added services required or requested by the customer. As an example:

  • Interior and exterior details
  • Paint repair and minor dent repair
  • Ozone treatment to remove odor
  • Carpet and fabric staining and repair (to remove accidentally spilled drinks)
  • enzyme treatment
  • Minor interior repair
  • Windshield repair

This list continues to grow every year as automated detailing services develop and as employee skills improve and develop. Importantly, each of them represents an opportunity to increase dealer profits.

In recent years, the free "service wash" during customer service of their car has gone from a luxury offered by high-end dealers to mandatory for even the smallest budget car dealers. This has increased operating costs, but with the right team of technicians, the right training and equipment, and experienced managerial supervision, most traders can add thousands of dollars to their profits.