Know Speech Analytics Technology

Speech Analytics is the future of quality monitoring for Call Centers. QA Monitors are able to quickly identify pain points based on the system’s analysis, and focus their time on providing Agent feedback and improving processes. 

The Speech Analytics system comes with standard moments, such as Customer Satisfaction, but you can also add custom moments with your own keywords. You can also surf the internet to get Speech Analytics Solution.

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As a Call Center with multiple clients, it’s important for us to have a customized measurement system. While one client may focus on Satisfaction moments, another may need reporting on specific script adherence.

AI’s platform makes it easy to analyze general metrics across all programs, and also to customize the analysis of each program’s experience.

Your positive, negative, and neutral moments are then placed in four measurement categories within your dashboard: Customer Satisfaction, Process Adherence, Compliance, and custom moments.  Firms always used Quality Assurance to improve agent processes and performance, as all call centers do.

  It’s so convenient to have the Speech Analytics and QA scorecards all in one place!  The scorecards and feedback are organized in a way that you can search for evaluations per agent, per team, and per time period.