Maintain Your Water Tank in Simple Steps in Auckland

How long has it been since you last inspected your water tank?

It's easy to treat your water tank storage solutions like a set and forget project, but some basic maintenance can prevent common issues such as sediment build-up, mosquito infestations, or algae growth.

Whilst it is inevitable that you will have some build-up of sediment settle in the bottom of a water tank if left unchecked sediment can be a fertile ground for unhealthy bacteria. You can also look for the best water tank cleaning.

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Step 1: Check all gaps and openings are sealed.

Ideally, there should be no light or dust able to enter your water tank. All gaps and openings should be covered with Superseal and in good condition. Replace any damaged or deteriorated super seal.

Step 2: Check outlets and access points

Check all outlets are clean and debris free. Also visually inspect pipe works for leaks or structural damage.

Step 3: Inspect and assess the sediment level.

Sediment by its nature will settle on the bottom of your water tank. To check your sediment levels you will need to visually inspect inside your water tank. Normally you would expect to be able to see the bottom of the tank underneath the water. If you can't then you need to drain all the water from the tank and clean the inside of it. Once drained and scrubbed we recommend sanitizing the interior and then rinse it again.

Step 4: Set a reminder

The months roll around quickly so set a reminder in your calendar to do it again in 6 months.