Microsoft Office 365 Benefits – Take Your Small Business to the Next Level

For those of you who have a small business, "switching to Office 365 is impossible," one customer told me. You can own all of the Fortune 500 company equipment at a fraction of the cost. Microsoft initiated a paradigm shift in Software as a Service (SaaS) when it created Office 365. 

Use a variety of options to access professional imaging features. Use what you already know and protect your data. Office 365 is truly the only option for moving your small business IT to the cloud. Office 365 training can also be seamlessly integrated with other cloud-based services such as Microsoft Dynamics, and other tools your company can use. 

Top 10 Benefits Of Microsoft Office 365 For Small Businesses

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Let's take a closer look:- 

Professional Images:- Get rid of the free email addresses that scream hobby. You can send your email to and from your domain name using Microsoft Exchange Online. This ensures that your email looks like a professional company. 

Office 365 also comes with SharePoint Online, which can be used to create professional-looking websites. Lync Online is used to host online meetings that can be set up using Outlook. These and many other functions are available to you with Office 365.

Continue to Use What You Know:- Do not waste time learning about Microsoft products. If you know about outlook and want to use Outlook, you can do it. Microsoft developed Office 365 to offer more cloud services with the products they are familiar with. 

Another example is Microsoft Word knows when you are connected to SharePoint Online and that you can review documents in Word without any other configuration. The best thing is that you can use Office 365 without changing any of the products that you are already using.