Stop Mice and Rats From Invading and Infesting Your Home

As cold weather arrives, the mice and rats start searching for more comfortable places to live than outside in those harsh winter environments. If your home is near a summer cottage, there is a risk of rodent attack. If you are looking for the best details about mice and rats control service then presidio pest management is best option for you.

Stop Mice and Rats From Invading and Infesting Your Home

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This hot area you provide them with really entices them and they know that the presence of humans usually means an abundant and easily accessible food source so they don't have to work hard to find it.

Take action now to protect your home from rodent attacks and to minimize the health threat to your family caused by rats and rats invading your home.

Check the base for holes large enough for rats or mice to pass through. Include everything you find. The best material for this purpose is metal or concrete, which will completely cover the hole. The wood will work if you make the connector thick enough. Remember, rats and mice can chew wood.

After covering all the holes, you will get additional protection by placing bait boxes around the base. I recommend at least two on each side of the structure, one near each end of the outer wall. For the long section of the wall, center the third square.

Get plastic boxes for external use, they will last for several years. Every week or two, tick the boxes to see if they still have low or empty bait and fill to keep your defenses strong.

If you have a population of squirrels in your area and you don't want to kill them, you should be selective about purchasing these bait boxes. The mouse box is large enough to allow access to ground squirrels.