Swimwear Trends For Muslim Women

A revolution in Muslim women's swimwear – the burqa or burkini. Burkini means a combination of burqa and bikini. This is a type of swimsuit designed by Lebanese-Australian designer Aheda Zanetti under the company name Ahiida.

Costumes cover the entire body, except for the face, arms, and legs, according to Muslim modesty. It looks like a full-length wetsuit with an integrated hood, but is slightly looser and is made of swimsuit fabric.

Described as the ideal Muslim/Islamic swimsuit solution for Muslim women who want to swim but are hesitant to "take off" the swimsuit. You can also look for Islamic swimsuits for women online.

Swim Hijab - Cayenne Sei Sorelle Swimwear

Bradykinin is designed to enhance athletic performance and allow maximum movement in or out of water. It also offers UV protection from the sun.

This is an updated version of the full-body swimsuit that is in line with Islam's conservative views on women's clothing. There are always more stylish and elaborate designs with sequins with miniskirts that go beyond trousers.

The polyester, nylon, and lycra materials allow flexible movement in the water and do not stick to the woman's body when out of the water.

The company exports to Egypt, North America, UK, and Australia. For many Muslim women, these apartments are the only alternative to swimming in civilian clothes.

In Egypt, swimwear for Muslim women is better known as a “sharia swimsuit”. You are part of a thriving industry that caters to women of faith.

This is a swimsuit with a stand-up collar, sleeves, and a small skirt worn over trousers.