Tips for Extending 18650 Battery Life

We’re all very familiar with the 18650 batteries; every single one of us uses them every day. Perhaps the name is new and strange to some people. Essentially, 18650 Lithium-Ion batteries are the most popular type among the rechargeable batteries used in a lot of devices like flashlights, smoking devices, laptops, and more electronics.

To prolong the 18650 cells, we need to know how to increase or at least maintain the number of the life cycle. Life cycle is a significant indication of how long the batteries will last. You can also purchase these batteries online via

1. Keep the battery at a suitable temperature:

All battery manufacturers advise users to utilize and store cells at temperatures above 20 and below 25 degrees Celsius. A little lower or higher storage temperatures of the recommendation could lead to inefficacy. It measured a loss of 20-30 mAh for each variation of 10 degrees.

2. Lower the cost of current (amps)

In today's market, there are filler was labeled "fast charger". They reduce the charging time by lowering the current. It's about 1 amp or higher.

3. Lower the discharge current (amps)

Battery user can choose to cut-off voltage and amperage. As recommended for costs with lower current, we also have to carry out with a lower current. If we use a higher electric current, power will be drained quickly. This means that it will reduce both capacity and cycle life at the same time.