Budget Fitness Trackers Pros and Cons

If you are searching for budget fitness trackers, you have three options. You can choose to purchase a heart rate monitor type of activity tracker, a watch type of activity tracker or you can purchase a finger pad type of activity tracker. The decision is yours to make but with any of these three choices, you can be assured that the device will be useful and it will help you keep track of your workout activities. Let's take a look at each one.

One of the best budget fitness trackers as featured on fitnesshub.co.uk, that can be had for less than $50 is the Fitbit Inspire. This device is very small and it fits perfectly in your pocket so you will never have to worry about carrying around a heavy gizmo. It also has an impressive list of features including a calorie counter and a step counter so it will tell you exactly how many calories have been burned. It also includes a sleep analyzer so it will tell you when you need to get off the bed and if you still have enough energy to exercise after a good night's sleep. It includes a speaker and a number of other handy features.

Another great fitness trackers devices is the Fitbit Force. It was designed for women but men can use it as well. The Force has some impressive features including a heart rate monitor, workout countdown timer and a lap timer all on its small screen. The Force can also be used as a weight loss tool and it comes with a belt clip which allows you to easily change your strap. The only drawback is the lack of an activity timer feature but it is easily overcome by purchasing an activity tracking watch.

If you would like to have a little more information from your device and you want more than just basic performance information, you might want to consider the Fitbit Force Smart Panel. This is one of the more expensive and sophisticated of the cheap fitness trackers. It includes a large multi-orientation display, a calculator and some other neat features. It also includes a battery backup in case it breaks down. Most of the cons are centered around the price since the Force needs to be paired with a smart phone in order to send notifications.

One of the cons about this health and fitness product is that the interface on the android device is fairly simple and not very user friendly. In addition, the fitness information is not updated automatically. Some users report that they occasionally get a notice about their heart rate while working out that actually no training is being done. There is also a compatibility issue between the iPhone and some devices since it does not support high-resolution monitors from certain manufacturers. However, these are both minor issues that you should probably be able to live with.

The Apple iPhone has proven itself to be a strong competitor in the fitness tracker market. Its biggest advantage over other trackers is the ability to share workout information with others via social media sites such as Facebook. The iPhone allows you to stay motivated by informing your friends that you've added more pounds to your ideal weight or increasing your weekly Target Score. This motivates you to continue tracking your progress, even after you have reached your goals, since you'll feel more inspired when you see so many numbers moving up on your scale.