Resolve Your Civil Case Using Alternative Dispute Resolution

Busy lawsuits take years to bring lawsuits to court. Legal fees and litigation fees can be in the tens of thousands of dollars. This process requires the intensive involvement of countries with high emotional costs and long periods of work and family. If you are looking for an ADR services company, you can search the company like stat11 inc. over the internet.   

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The trial is risky and the outcome is in the hands of the judge or jury. Processes are open production that can be seen by the public and covered by the media.


Mediation is a form of ADR that is carried out by a third party, usually, a retired judge or senior and experienced lawyer, trying to find a solution agreed by the parties. In mediation, the mediator is not authorized to give decisions to the parties.

Instead, the mediator acts as a moderator and discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each case with the parties to make a final decision.

Typically, the parties will present material to the mediator prior to the mediation session so that the mediator understands what issues are controversial and what positions the parties have on resolution. Actual mediation usually starts with a joint meeting with everyone present so that the parties can explain their position. 


Arbitration is a form of binding ADR in which an arbitrator (usually a retired judge or senior lawyer) hears the case and renders a decision. Arbitration can arise either because it is required by a contract between the parties or because the parties voluntarily choose to arbitrate rather than go to court.