Benefits of Explainer Videos: Explainer Videos

Many people think videos are serious, high-budget productions, and it seems impossible for the little boys to compete with the big boys. It's not like this. There are cheap whiteboard videos, premium animated videos, or simple PowerPoint videos to help you grow your business and compete at all levels. Let's take a look at some of the most basic benefits of investing in explainer videos. 

There are main areas where they will be useful and useful for businesses of all sizes. The main areas are accessibility, simplicity, scalability, and high impact.


TV commercials for major car companies or brands can cost up to $500,000 for high-quality ads. However, web-based explanatory videos are much more accessible to startups and SMEs. The price can range from $3,000 to $25,000 depending on the production value required. Ydraw works closely with its customers to identify needs and translate those needs into cost-effective explanation video solutions.

Explanatory videos also save users time and effort, as they don't have to read the entire website to understand what the company does. Website visitors are often very impatient. The simplicity of the media and the entertainment factor stemming from engaging animated videos fueled demand and became the core business.


The explosion of video production and viewing with explanations has increased the number of searches on the Internet for products featured in videos. Product conversions can increase by 50% if a compelling statement is posted on the company website. draw, a whiteboard animation company, saw a significant increase in conversions at a very low cost. Some of their customers have seen higher sales, click-through rates, and website retention, but only added a simple video.