The Nissan Juke Is A Crossover That Begs To Be Noticed

There are plenty of crossover vehicles on the market that are reasonably priced but what makes Nissan Juke stand is a unique look. His appearance was a little polarization and car fans loved it on sight, while others thought it odd. 

There are various people who also surf online sites such as so that they can find even a used Nissan Juke within their budget. It has several features, let's have a look at them.

2013 Nissan Juke Nismo review notes

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A 1.6-liter four-cylinder with 188 hp power Juke. This may not sound like a large number but more than enough power for everyday cars. You can choose from three driving means such as Eco that protects gas, Sport that provides a little bit more energy, and Normal means. One disadvantage is that these vehicles have a need for premium gas that is expensive at the pump. 

Nissan engineers have installed a large number of security mechanisms. Top safety features include an intuitive airbag system with dual front, side curtain, and front side-impact bags. Anti-Lock Brake System assists to maintain the control on the vehicle and Traction Control System is working to put the force to the brake is needed at critical moments. Vehicle Dynamic Control is accustomed and there is also an in-built alarm system so as to prevent theft.

Juke has a large number of facilities to make your drive comfortable as possible including a CD audio system and a USB jack for a plug-in music player of your choice. The system Intelligent Key Nissan allows you to open the door simply by tapping on the door as long as you have the key in your pocket or purse while the machine can start with the push of a button.