What Is Jewish Art?

One kind of Jewish art is ceremonial objects, also known as Judaica. These are objects used in rituals during Shabbat and holidays, like Torah covers, yads, tallit, candlesticks, etc., and are often beautiful and intricately designed.

Another type of Jewish art is Jewish folk art, which includes ideas such as paper cutting, calligraphy, and wood carving. Art can also be said to be Jewish if it was created by Jews. Jewish artists have worked in different styles throughout history. 

There are many companies available that provide the modern & contemporary Judaica wall art online.

For some artists like Marc Chagall, Judaism is at the center of their work, while for others, such as the Impressionist Camille Pizarro, the influence of their Judaism on their work is less noticeable.

Learn more about these different types of Jewish art through the following activities. From exploring the work of Maryland Jewish artists to creating your own ritual and folk art, we hope you enjoyed this introduction to Jewish art.

Think about what you can learn by seeing and doing art. The art objects in the museum's collections are not only beautiful works, but also provide us with important historical information. Things like what materials were available to artists at the time, what places were in the past, and even what people valued at the time.