What Is White Label Clothing?

In simple terms, it's an item that is made without any branding. The product would be made by us and you, as the artist will rebrand it and create your own brand. This gives it the appearance that the product was designed by you.

What's the difference between private labeling?

Another option for White labeling can be private labeling. It is a service that offers for almost all products. It is time to apply your logo to the garments from the beginning.

How to white label clothing

This could be one of the rare instances when the clue may not only be there in the titles. It is possible, but it's unlikely that white-label products will arrive at your door with an unprinted label. If you don't have your own label printing equipment, receiving an item of clothing that has an unfinished label sewn into your already-made item will not provide much assistance to you.

In reality, white-label clothes are usually non-branded. There is no branding label, and just the essential safety and health labels. Consider the distinction between the label on the back of the collar of a t-shirt and the one on the left seam.

How to market white-label products?

White label items would typically be delivered directly from us to you. Then, you can create your own brand to sell, whether it's in a fair, at an event or in a shop on the internet, or in the traditional mortar and brick structures.

Re-branding can be that is as easy as picking the item in a particular bag, box, or other ways, that are branded by your company's logo, name, and/or contact information or website.