Many Reasons For Using Big Data

Big data is always large in volume, some petabytes to yottabytes in size. The problem is simple, although the storage capacities of hard drives have increased significantly over the years. But the access speeds, i.e. the rate at which information can be read from drives has not increased proportionately. 

The organizations that are looking towards achieving a proper alignment between the development and IT operations should appoint big data consulting companies. They establish better communication and collaboration with the organization.

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In order to store and retrieve large amounts of info in less amount of time a hybrid model is needed. For this purpose BD is stored in chunks, and processors work in parallel so that all the chunks can be fetched in less time. 

Big data processing techniques also include tools that can run and handle a wide variety of data, ranging from structured, unstructured, and semi-structured. And the last dimension to BD is veracity, which means a BD system must be smart enough to segregate useful data and junk. 

So that a decision can be made about which data must be kept and the rest discarded. A typical way of avoiding data loss is by replication, redundant copies of the data are kept in the system.