Kitchen Sink Installation – How To Properly Get it Done

For most homeowners, installing a kitchen sink is no longer a difficult task. Precise hole tracking and cutting will make installation easier. Before installing the sink, the correct dimensions of the width and depth of the base unit are required. 

This ensures that the new sink to be installed fits snugly against the countertop and base cabinet. You can also check for the best 33 inch kitchen sink via the web.

Double Bowl

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For a kitchen sink to fit in a cupboard, it must be 22 inches deep from front to back. Standard cabinet sizes must also be 33 inches to fit when reverse spraying is not available. 

Below are the instructions for installing the kitchen countertop:

1. The first step is the correct hole position. The template provided should be in the center of the sink cabinet and at the front edge of the stove.

2. The next step is to remove the stencil after opening the tag. Drill a hole in each corner, then insert a knife into one of the holes. Then cut the mark inside the line. When finished, lift the pieces on the template.

3. Faucet installation is the next step along with the sink filter. Create a watertight seal between the stove and the kitchen sink. Then apply silicone glue around the edge of the sink at the bottom.