Vaughan Dance Classes for Kids

Dancing is a wonderful way to introduce your child and to learn new music. It's also a great exercise. There are many dance classes available in Vaughan for families. You can have your little one learn everything from tap dancing and traditional ballet to different types of ethnic dancing. There are hundreds of dance classes available in Vaughan, but these are just a few to consider.

Rugcutterz Danz Artz offers Twinkles, an introductory dance and tumbling class for children as young as three years old. This is a great way for kids to learn basic dance moves and get some energy. When students reach the age of eighteen or nine, they can start to learn more about their favorite dance styles. And also offers classes in classical ballet, tap and jazz dance, as well as salsa and lyrical dance.

dance classes in Vaughan

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This studio allows children to start classes as early as two years old. Students can move up or down in the classes according to their ability. The best thing about this dance school? Your child can take a free lesson. If you are just curious about ballet and want to give it a shot, this is a great opportunity.

Family Dance is a great choice for children with small hands. This class focuses on the fundamentals of dance skills. The class teaches students how to get warm, perform essential dance moves, and follow the teacher's instructions. 

The Family Dance class is similar to the Creative Movement class for beginning students, but the parents are also welcome to take part. Families will also receive exercises from the teacher so that they can continue practicing their moves throughout the week.