Food Engineering is a Growing Field

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For the production and preservation of food, food engineering plays a key role. The food engineer is a professional who works on improving the production process comprising introducing new machines and develop new packaging types to improve the shelf-life of the food. Moreover, food engineers are required to work closely with food technologists and food scientists who are aiming to offer healthy, tasty, and long-lasting food in a safe manner. Let’s look at how food engineering is growing based on demand.

  1. Global Demand is Increasing – Experts have predicted that the population of the world by 2050 is going to be in the region of 9.7 billion. The drawback to these figures is that there is going to be a major increase in food consumption. Moreover, researchers believe that the quantity of food produced today isn’t going to be sufficient in 2050. This is why food engineers are required to come up with the best methods of producing foods that are safe, tasty, and also efficient.
  2. Solve Problems – Many foods producing companies are spending a fortune on research and development in order to develop products that are gluten-free along with reducing food waste with better strategies. Thanks to the investment food engineers are able to produce products such as meat substitutes that are made of soybeans, lentils, and beans. With this practice, it has subsequently reduced the use of resources in order to produce the food but also offer consumers a ton of health benefits.

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