Rectal Fissure Pain Relief: Ease the pain and speed the healing

Rectal fissures can be very painful. This painful condition is quite common and can affect anyone. Anal tears can also affect babies and young children just as much as adults. There are many treatments that can quickly stop itching and soothe sensitive skin.

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Anal fissure: Causes, symptoms, and treatments

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What causes rectal tearing?

Anal wall fissures are formed when the bowel muscles strain to move. Pressure from hard pushing, frequent stools (such as constipation, diarrhea) and pressure can cause the passage to become weaker and tear. 

Although the lacerations do not pose a risk to your overall health, they can be very uncomfortable and cause severe pain. Treatment is aimed at relieving the discomfort and encouraging healing.

What are the signs that a fissure is?

Itching and burning can result from a tear in the rectum. This may happen hours after you have passed a stool. Rectal bleeding can be visible as bright red blood on the stool or toilet tissue. Although it may seem alarming to see blood, fissures should not be considered a problem.

You should consult your doctor if you think the bleeding may be caused by a more serious condition.

Do I need surgery to fix the lacerations?

Rectal tears are usually not a cause for surgery. Your doctor may recommend that you have the rectal tears surgically repaired if they don't heal on their own, or cause severe pain. Modern medical technology makes surgery minimally invasive.

However, the recovery time is quick and painless. This is why it is usually only performed as an option of last resort.