Walls and Fences to Enhance Your Home

The ideal wall or fence to contain your yard and home can not only define your boundaries but will also improve the overall appearance and feel of your home.

Timber fencing

The most common method to fence your garden, fencing made of timber is relatively inexpensive and, if you choose treated lumber, it will be less susceptible to rot and pests. Timber fencing is extremely versatile.

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Vinyl fencing

At first look, a fence made of vinyl appears like a normal wooden fence, but it doesn't require painting or staining! Vinyl fences are more expensive to construct than wooden fences however, their lifespan is much longer, and they're virtually maintenance-free and completely splinter-free.

Brick walls

The low-pitched brick is an atypical choice for fronts of homes. It's an attractive and timeless option that is back trendy for modern homes and is often complemented by columns, wrought iron, or even timber. However, constructing a high brick wall that surrounds an entire home is costly and quite obnoxious, and should be reserved for famous people.

Stone walls

Formal stone walls are constructed using specially designed blocks, such as Baines blocks. They can also be costly to build throughout the garden and, just like brick walls, they are usually only utilized in the entrance of a home.

Metal fences

Fences made of aluminum and steel are becoming very popular due to their convenience and ease of installation. They are comparatively easy to set up, light and sturdy, and if you go with solid panels that offer privacy, they can be quite effective.