The Top Five Things to Bring on Your Golf Vacation

This is all about it. No matter how stressful or enjoyable – or anything in between – your daily life, it all detracts from your golf vacation. It's time to play. It's the little things that matter. As you load up your suitcase and prepare to leave everyday life, consider these five elements before you run away from home and board a plane:

1. Socks – Have you seen Forrest Gump? According to Gary Sinise's character, Lieutenant Dan, what matters most is that his platoon changes socks regularly. The same goes for golfers. Don't get stuck in the 11th hole with wet, hot, and uncomfortable feet. You can also get more information about world-class golf and dining.

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2. Sun Protection – The sun is great on a golf vacation, especially when heading south from the harsh winter climate. It's easy to work on a nice tan that can be brought back to Minneapolis, Portland, or Syracuse. But try to play your best game with a bad case of sunburn and you'll find yourself running for the shadows.

3. Antacids – Food is an important part of your golf vacation equation. A satisfying pre-or post-game meal is essential for maximum enjoyment.  Acid reflux is a depressing experience. Take plenty of antacids to dodge this bullet.

4. Painkillers – Whether it's battling muscle soreness from hitting hard or a headache from last night's cocktail hour, a trusted painkiller can be a golfer's best friend.

5. Sunglasses – Sensei of Cobra Kai Dojo in 'The Karate Kid' said best, "You can't see, you can't fight." Likewise, a person who cannot see cannot play golf.