Information About Limousine Service in Hamptons

Limos, also known as limousines, are usually driven by chauffeurs and are best described as spacious, luxurious sport utility vehicles or sedans. The chassis and body are modified to create what's called a stretch limo. This is done by making the physical frame extended, usually to provide twice as many passengers. This is a balanced process however, because you still want enough room to fit those passengers comfortably. To find the best Limo service in Hamptons visit 

That's why only a select few companies will actually attempt to create limos. Limos are usually black or white in color, but are sometimes offered in others, depending on the needs. These cars are usually given special attributes however, making it fancier and more exotic, a luxury only found in custom cars or cars of higher caliber. Over the change of time and culture, limousines have become as easy to acquire as taxi cabs or rental cars and are about as cheap, depending on the trip.

Limos are used as common social events such as proms, weddings, sightseeing trips, and special occasions such as transporting politicians or other public figures. This is why the limousine service industry is booming even though the American economy is slower to pick back up.

Limousines are used often at airports and high end business meetings, but also for mere city trips. The major difference between taxi cabs and limos is that limos need advance booking, some companies require days in advance. There is also a good chance the airport can arrange for one to meet you after a flight, this needs to be set up with the airport however. Limos have also been adapted so that some accommodate handicap needs.