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Teens have some of the greatest sources for teen hairstyles. Teen hairstyles usually mimic teen hairstyles, magazines, and the most popular and fashionable looks of the time.

Pop stars and boy bands started many trends. Watching MTV and other teen favorite shows bring many styles to the fore. Two popular magazines, Teen Magazine, and Seventeen Magazine are great sources for finding new and trendy hairstyles for teens.

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These companies also have analogs on the website that can distribute the most popular teen hairstyles from a big city to a small town.

Teen Hairstyles Ideas for Medium Hair

Choose a bob with medium curves where the hair can be worn along the shoulders. You can add multiple layers and bangs. Don't forget to crimp the ends. Layers add volume to your hair.

The square-cut bean is ideal for round faces and provides plenty of facial lengths. It is suitable for straight hair and shaping the face well. Please note that the use of a razor around the edges is required to complete the look.

Medium layered hairstyles have a high finish because of the flexibility they offer. This emphasizes facial features and makes the person feel safer. There are several ways to add this layer. You can plan and choose which part of your hair to shorten depending on your face type.

Teens with medium length hair can get a wavy and frumpy look. The lining should be long but not too torn. This style creates messy and low maintenance look too! Wavy is best for curly hair.

So don't forget to choose the right hairstyle and be a traffic stop on the most anticipated prom night!