How Baby Sleeping Aids Can Improve Baby Development?

Prolonged sleep deprivation in infants can affect normal brain development and growth. Without enough sleep, the brain works less efficiently and memory declines. Even short-term sleep deprivation can have serious consequences for your baby's mood, behavior, and overall health.

How to manage the 4-month sleep regression?

Your baby may fall asleep more easily when a soft silk blanket or familiar stuffed animal is nearby for comfort and safety. Very often preference is directed at blankets, which carry the scent of a loving and accommodating adult. Even deep sleepers sometimes need a little comfort and confidence!

A great sleep aid that will put your baby to sleep in minutes! Dream Bear reproduces real human heartbeats and intrauterine sounds, reminding him of the safety and comfort of the womb.

Downy toys that emit a pleasant scent, such as lavender, can relieve stress and help unwind before bed. When slightly heated, the toy can heat up your baby's legs and arms, which can trigger the sleep mechanism.

Prevents your baby from being afraid to wake up and relieves digestive problems like colic and reflux of milk by applying gentle and even pressure around the tummy. Studies show that swaddling can increase the duration of a baby's sleep because it is related to the comfort and safety of the uterus.

Recognized for centuries as a natural sleep aid that traps warm air, absorbs or releases moisture and keeps the baby's temperature steady. Cover the fleece with a fitted sheet when using it in a crib.