Give Employees a Running Start With a Strong Onboarding Program

Your new employee will be happy that you have landed a job with your company. But most likely, he will still be nervous at first. Additionally, the first few weeks on the job are a time of vulnerability that threatens both new employees and your company.

The investigations by Human Resource Management (SHRM) report point to the dangers. This means that half of the part-time workers leave their job within four months and half of the part-time workers quit within 18 months. 

However, employers who implement step-by-step programs and create customized forms that guide employees to their new organizational roles and norms are more effective than those who don't.

4 "Cs"

What are the ingredients of an effective inclusion program? There are four dimensions:

1. Compliance: Familiarize new employees with basic employer guidelines, including legal requirements.

2. Clarification: Make sure new hires know what is expected of them.

3. Culture: Provide understanding to employees about informal and formal norms of the organization.

4. Connection: Facilitates the development of relationships where employees feel comfortable and need to know where to get answers.

When you discuss these dimensions, the results are higher job satisfaction and typically lower turnover (which usually go hand in hand), better results, less stress on employees, and effective career management.