What Are The Causes Of Excessive Sweating

Doctors are not sure of the exact cause of excessive sweating, but the expected cause may be genetic. Generally speaking, the hunt for a definite cause of excessive sweating can be lengthy, as in virtually every case of over-sweating problems, finding the reason for excessive sweating is somewhat difficult.

Therefore, because of such difficulties, doctors apply the diagnosis of idiopathic hyperhidrosis in most cases of excessive sweating. You may also concern the well-qualified and experienced doctor for the best excessive sweating treatment. 


Next, in focal hyperhydrosis, a patient undergoes perspiration problems in certain areas of the body. Armpits, hands, and legs are the most common areas of the body which may experience excessive perspiration. Here, in focal hyperhydrosis, the most likely explanatory cause is a hereditary characteristic.

Reports derived from numerous studies and researches indicate a genetic correlation in 50% to 60 percent of cases of sweating worldwide. Although the hereditary relationship is finally realized, managing a genetic means to correct perspiration problems is still a ways off.

By a medical report, it's apparent that the sympathetic chain controls the glands, also called the eccrine and apocrine glands, which are responsible for sweating throughout the human body.

Eccentric sweat glands are primarily concentrated on the soles of the feet and palms of their hands. In most instances of excessive sweating, the hands and feet are most affected. Next, to some degree, excessive armpit sweating and facial sweating are some common phenomena in hyperhydrosis.

Previously, people and healthcare experts thought that excess perspiration of the hands led to the problem of excessive activity of the thyroid gland, but this isn't actually true. Another belief implies that patients with certain anxiety disorders have excessive perspiration problems in their hands.