All About Leading Safe 5.0

The Scaled Agile Framework is a set of guidelines for creating a more consistent approach to Agile development across the company. The majority of organizations concentrate on their Agile development efforts on the team level, beginning with a pilot team before moving to each team one at one at a time. 

This approach is not able to integrate every team's work with the overall stakeholder needs. Scaled Agile Framework gives you established methods for aligning the teams at a greater level of program. and how to connect several programs into a portfolio of programs that maximizes shareholder value. You can visit for more information about the leading safe 5.0.

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Two days of SAFe Agilist certification course will teach you how to effectively scale Agile principles throughout your organization through the use of Lean thinking techniques and the Product Development Flow method.


The SAFe Agilist training course will be useful to everyone on any Agile team, however it is targeted at those who are leading efforts to adopt and expand Lean and Agile methods and practices using SAFe, the scaled Agile Framework. This course is ideally suited for:  

  • Executives

  • Managers

  • Change Agents

  • Program Managers

  • Coaches

You'll gain the knowledge to bring your entire team together with the same goals and ways to enhance your flow of value from strategy to execution. Learn what makes businesses more customer-centric, and how to manage important SAFe alignment and planning activities, such as the PI planning.