Five Generations Of Blockchain Of NFTs?

For more than 12 years since its origination, blockchain technology has become popular solely thanks to cryptocurrencies and DeFi products. But, potentially, the idea of decentralization can be useful in other areas as well. Where and how to use systems based on decentralized ledgers? Let's find it out

  • Trading with Rare Artifacts (NFT):-Relictum PRO's NFT Marketplace is a single platform for artists, collectors, fans, art connoisseurs, patrons, museums, and other individuals and organizations looking for rare and valuable NFT tokens. If you want to know more information about NFTs, visit

NFT trending

  • Trade with goods and raw materials:-The Real Asset Company is a platform for trading precious metals (gold and silver), which, thanks to the use of smart contracts, allows you to buy and sell metals in a completely safe manner (for all parties to the transaction) and quickly. 

  • Data management:- Factom is another promising blockchain that offers data management solutions.

  • Data storage:- Relictum Storage is a distributed data storage based on the Relictum ecosystem. Here, files are stored not on a single server, like in usual hosting systems, but on the devices of other users.

  • Energy:- Energy Blockchain Labs is a unique product for providing a full cycle of added value in the energy industry. The system is created and coordinated by energy and financial specialists and IT engineers. 

This is far from a complete list of the areas in which blockchain technology is already being used. In the coming years, products based on it will be widely used in medicine and logistics, in the field of public administration and control of land resources, etc.