Tips for Normal Delivery in Kenya

Normal birth is the most natural and effective way to conceive an unborn child on earth. It is also the most recommended mode of delivery as it allows the mother to recover quickly and easily.

Tips that every pregnant woman needs to know in order to give normal labor and delivery.

Keep yourself stress-free: Many women feel overwhelmed during pregnancy. However, this is quite natural. However, try to stay away from being uncomfortable or nervous.

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Be positive during your pregnancy: You will come across several stories where the birth went smoothly or where there were other complications. 

Believe in your body: While it's often hard to believe that a fully grown baby can be pushed out of your womb, remember that your body was designed to give birth naturally.

Eat well and exercise properly: Keeping your body healthy and in shape will help you achieve a normal delivery. 

Follow a proper diet: Eat well and ensure a balanced diet. Also, make sure you don't sleep too much and don't overdo it. Eat foods that will nourish you and make you stronger for the months to come.

Always stay hydrated: After all, water is very important for your body. Drink fresh fruit juices and energy drinks to meet your water needs.

It is best to always keep in touch with your doctor to know the timely growth of your baby.