Review Of Australian Permanent Employer Sponsored Visa Programs

After the public consultation, the Australian Immigration Service will draw up recommendations and submit them to the government. The review will help them consider how employer-sponsored permanent visas can be reformed to provide employers with access to the skills they need and to respond appropriately to changes in the Australian labor market and economy.

Verified visas are a category that is increasingly popular with overseas visa applicants and Australian employers:

Impact of COVID-19 on Australia's Migration Program

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ENS and RSMS are the main categories of visas on which DIAC focuses. They wanted to know whether to change many of the basic criteria for the two categories or not, such as English language requirements, salary levels, skill levels, age requirements, list of approved professions, and electronic visa applications for ENS and RSMS. DIAC also wanted to know whether the employment contract should be terminated or continued.

This trend is reflected in the changing composition of eligible migration programs. In particular, how the proportion of employer-sponsored places now exceeds the proportion of general skilled migration places (GSM). 

The fact that the employer wants to keep them hiring and sponsoring them for permanent residence shows that there is a good match between the visa applicant and the company. It also shows that they still need their skills and that they have the right skills to get the job done.