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PR can also help companies achieve their marketing objectives by building credibility with target audiences and creating positive sentiment around their brands.

Public relations can be broken down into three main areas: public relations planning, public relations execution, and public relations measurement. Public relations planning includes developing goals, objectives, and strategies; identifying targets and potential media; and creating elevator pitches and messages.

PR agencies execution includes working with journalists and other influencers to get your story out there; building relationships with key partners; developing media kits; conducting research; and monitoring coverage. Public relations measurement includes tracking the impact of your communications on key audiences and measuring the results to determine whether your strategy is working.

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How does PR help businesses?

PR helps businesses by creating awareness for their products or services. It can also help companies get more media coverage, which can lead to more customers. PR also helps companies build relationships with influential people, which can help them get better deals or access to new markets.

Types of Public Relations

Public relations is the practice of creating, managing and executing communication plans that support a company's objectives.

PR can be divided into three main categories: internal, external, and public affairs. Internal PR focuses on improving the relationship between a company and its employees. External PR aims to improve the company's reputation with the public at large. Public affairs PR involves taking whatever actions are necessary to ensure that laws, regulations, or public opinion are upheld by a company.

Why use PR in the first place?

PR is often used as a marketing tool because it can help to spread the word about a product or company. PR can also help to increase brand awareness and create interest in a product or company. Additionally, PR can help to build relationships with key audiences and generate new business opportunities.