How To Treat Anxiety With Psychotherapy In Silicon Valley

A frequently asked question is how to treat anxiety with psychotherapy. Fear is the experience of internal fear with no apparent external danger. This is one of the most common mental health problems.

We all tend to get anxious at certain times in our lives, especially when we are facing challenges. Although moderate levels of anxiety encourage us to perform well, chronic, intense anxiety can lead to anxiety disorders. For more information about psychotherapy in Silicon Valley, you can visit

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People with anxiety disorders fear the helplessness and loss of control that comes with fear and develop a "fear of fear". Individual, professional, relational, and social functions are impaired.

Psychotherapy treats anxiety as follows:

1) Working on oneself: Psychoanalytic psychotherapy that treats anxiety focuses on one's feelings about oneself. People who experience chronic anxiety suffer from low self-esteem. They lack vitality, confidence, and belief that they can master challenges. Such a self feels confident and confident in the face of any challenge.

2) Cognitive restructuring: Improper thinking, including excessive alertness, preoccupation with fearful stimuli, weakening one's abilities, and taking excessive risks also causes anxiety. Trying to understand, restructure, and question the unadjusted thinking that causes this anxiety is another avenue that psychotherapy takes to treat anxiety.

3) Behavioral methods: Fear is maintained through avoidance behavior; the person feels safe and comfortable avoiding a worrying situation and therefore does not receive a realistic reassessment. Behavioral methods aim to encourage people to face situations they have avoided because of fear.