Vaginal Rejuvenation Can Change Your Life After Pregnancy

It is obvious that pregnancy can change a woman’s body drastically. Weight gain, stretch marks, and bigger hips might appear and never go away once the baby is born. There is a large market that focuses on eliminating such issues, but some common problems that come up after pregnancy are never seen and rarely talked about. Vaginal rejuvenation is one of those seemingly taboo topics. You can also look for CO2LIFT-V for female vaginal rejuvenation online.

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For several females tired of not feeling the same as they did pre-pregnancy, vaginal rejuvenation has given them hope. It is a surgery meant to tighten the muscles through laser and has few risks. However, it is not considered medically necessary, so insurance will not cover it unless you can prove otherwise.

Vaginal rejuvenation has been said to improve sex life after pregnancy, but many women report that they get no increased feeling from it. Rather, there is increased friction, which feels better for the partner.

If you go into this surgery expecting more sensation, you will be disappointed since you might actually have a loss of sensitivity. However, if you simply want to improve your husband or boyfriend’s experience, you will likely be satisfied. In fact, this is enough for many females, who simply want to feel desired again.

Though this type of surgery will not make your vagina appear any more youthful or healthy, it is likely to feel tighter. You might choose to obtain a labiaplasty at the same time to alter the appearance, but otherwise, there will be no difference to the eye. If you just want to feel attractive and sensual after you have a baby, a vaginal rejuvenation might be just the thing you need.