What Is A Chaise Longue?

The chaise longue is a classic piece of home furniture that adds an instant touch of glamour to any interior setting, yet its origins remain steeping in mystique.

Generally, chaise longue is somewhere between a couch and an armchair, in the sense that they add many of the features of an upholstered armchair, but add a long footstool, allowing the user to recycle rather than sit upright on the piece. You can also buy the best sofas & chaise longues from various online sources.

Chaise Longue

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Typically covered with fine fabrics and sometimes leather, there are usually decorative, elegant pieces rather than practical, functional items.

Another popular style of Chaise Lounge is the day bed that is stripped back far more in terms of design, incorporating low-rise headrests, bolster cushioning and a flat or gently curved footrest. 

From a functional point of view, daybeds are similar to the classic Chaise Lounge, although they differ in the sense that day beds work better in minimal settings, where an overnight ornate piece will look out of place.

For instance, day beds are commonly placed close to windows and in hallways to add a discreet touch of elegance. They can also be downsized more readily than chaise longues as their design tends to be more simplistic in form.