The Benefits Of Floor And Wall Tiling In Perth

Floor tiles can take a lot of abuse and still last throughout the life of the home. Compared with other types of flooring, wall and floor tiling in Perth stands up to heavy traffic and abrasion so kids, pets, and visitors are no problem. There is no shrinking or expanding as there is with wood products, which keeps the chemical structure of the ceramic intact for the long term, contributing to its durable nature.


Ceramic tile needs sweeping and mopping only every now and then to keep it clean. With hardwood floors, periodic waxing or even refinishing is necessary, but tile doesn’t have that kind of upkeep requirement, which reduces long-term maintenance costs. Also, if a tile comes loose, cracks, or chips, it’s easy to replace that one tile without flustering the others around it, so this saves on replacement costs.


Ceramic tiles are some of the most affordable floor products on the market, coming in at around the cost of vinyl for the more economical choices. There are different sizes of tile, opting for an 18-inch tile could save over 12-inch tile when it comes to installation if you don’t mind making more cuts.


Ceramic tile stays cool and acts as insulation, which can help reduce energy costs in warm geographic areas. It does not absorb odors so there is no need for professional cleaning like there is with carpet. Likewise, it doesn’t generally develop mold, which further cuts down on cleaning bills. Furthermore, the resale value of homes with ceramic tile floors is greater– when compared with homes with vinyl or carpet–because of the product’s durability and high-end appearance