The Fundamentals Of Bail Bonds In Orange County

In jail, criminals can get a temporary release by using bail bonds. Bail bonds in Orange County are pretty much contractual agreements between the bail-payer with the bail broker. In the case of a bail bond, it is the duty that the bail broker guarantee that the defendant will appear at the courthouse when summoned.

It's usually the relatives or friends who contact the bail agent for the discharge of the criminal by the bail bond. The amount of bail to be paid by the defendant is set by the judge, and the bail agent gets a portion of the sum. If you are interested, you can also hire a bail bonds agent in Orange County at

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After the bail bond has been executed, the person who is posting bail promises that on the day that the defendant is not present upon summons that the amount of bail will be paid total.

In certain situations, the bail agent might prefer to request that the co-signer or defendant have additional security to secure the bond. While collaterals might not be requested by the bail agent, the co-signer must at the very least be able to earn a regular income and live in a house or rented home that is located near to the defendant. 

This is to protect if the bail officer is unable to locate the defendant and the co-signer must pay the entire bail amount. If this happens, after the defendant is located and is detained and is released, the costs for the bail agency in searching for the defendant must be paid by the co-signer.