The Importance Of Public Transportation In South Florida

Local public transport is an important part of any community – especially for people with disabilities. 

Here are some reasons why public transport is important:

Public transport users are healthier: It is evident that those who use public transit get three times more physical exercise per day than those who do not. This points to an overall better community with fresh and healthy neighbors. You can also look for the best public transportation in South Florida through various online sources.

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Public transit is safer than personal vehicles: Communities with high levels of public transport have been shown to have better overall safety and lower crime rates. 

Traveling by public transport reduces the number of cars on the road and reduces the chances of accidents. For people with disabilities, traveling by bus is also safer because of the accessibility available. 

Public transport improves accessibility: Public transportation provides individuals opportunities that they may not have had otherwise. 

Increase access to education, work, and everything that people need for their independence. 12% of transport riders go to school and 60% of transit riders are going to work.

Public transport creates fondness: Public transport encourages positive interaction between neighbors. 

This is an opportunity for the whole community to become one – whether people with disabilities or not. Buses are able to connect people with each other and give them access to the rest of the community.