Truck Parking in Houston: What You Need To Know

Houston is known for its sprawling reserves of oil and gas, making it an ideal place for truckers to park their rigs. But with the city growing at a rapid pace, truck parking in Houston has become increasingly difficult to come by. Here are three  things you need to know about finding Truck Parking in Houston  

1. Truck parking can be difficult to find. In fact, according to the Houston Chronicle, "the City of Houston says it's been unable to find anywhere within city limits that will allow overnight parking of large commercial trucks." This means that truckers must either find off-street parking or pay for a lot that permits overnight stays. 

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2. Overnight truck parking can be expensive. In some cases, truckers may be required to pay up to $50 per night for space in a lot. And since many lots are limited in size, it can be hard for drivers to find a spot. 

3. Truckers should plan ahead. If you're planning on driving through Houston during the summer months, for example, make sure you have plenty of time set aside and don't try to do everything at once. 

Types of Parking in Houston

There are three types of parking in Houston: on-street, off-street, and structured parking. On-street parking is available in most areas of the city. It’s usually close to businesses and easy to get to.  Off-street parking can be found in several areas of Houston. You need a permit to park in this type of lot, and it can be expensive. Structured parking is usually found near airports or in business districts. This is the best option for truck owners because it has plenty of space and you don’t need a permit to use it.