Uses Of Eggs Online

Eggs are included in our food ever since we learned to chew our food. It's such an important food matter, that often doctors designate it in our everyday diet.

The 1 egg per day rule has been with us since our youth. It's not only healthy but also yummy. To order eggs online you can visit

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There are various ways to cook eggs but not all of them are healthy. Listed below are a couple of healthiest ways to cook eggs.

1. Soft boiled:

Here is the ideal method to cook an egg externally letting go of the critical nutrients. Soft steamed eggs are when eggs are boiled but the egg-yellow is still runny and tender. When tender boiling, the egg whites become cooked enough for optimum retention of protein and elimination of avidin. This is a fast and easy method to cook an egg and all of the protein and fat are maximally preserved.

2. Poached:

The poached egg comes next in the list of the healthiest recipes of eggs. An egg is poached by dipping the egg in a bowl full of water. The shielding shell coating slowly softens in the water whereas the egg whites maintain the yolk shielded as it cooks.

Naturally, all of the protein and great fat is kept from the egg and none of it is lost in process of ingestion. Making poached eggs is relatively on the side and will need a few attempts before you get better at it.