What Is Owner Operator Health Insurance

To drive heavy trucks on highways, truck drivers must have the right insurance. Trucking companies provide owner operator health insurance for truck drivers. Owner operator truck drivers, or small fleet owners, become responsible for their insurance. 

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They must have a good understanding of the coverage they require. To determine the right amount of insurance needed to protect their business, they should talk to insurance agents.

Many drivers, after working as  owner operators for a while, decide to make the leap and start their own small fleet. They can start out with just one truck or multiple trucks. They may choose to hire truck drivers, or owners/operators. They can also choose to be the sole driver of their company.

Drivers can choose to be owner operators, small fleet owners or both. They will still have to pay for the insurance on their truck, trailer or other equipment.

Part of the insurance, such as primary liability insurance, may be covered by owner operators through the company to which they lease. They may require additional insurance to protect their truck and any equipment. The insurance requirements of small fleet owners are their responsibility.

You can financially protect your company by having the right owner operator  insurance.You should speak with your agent to confirm. Make sure you take the time to select the right coverage.